Saturday, May 11, 2013

Seeing I am now an ordained minister I suppose I ought to

 give sermons every so often and will post them here. I suppose this is better than at my usual blog, Piccolo's Hash.

Don't expect to find a whole lot of "repent and be saved" type of sermons here but I suppose if you know someone in the TV industry  and like what you read here you might speak to him.

Seeing the retirement fund is not as full as it ought to be I suppose I would be willing to become a TV evangelist and go on stage and froth at the mouth a bit and ask you to send me $49.95 and two specially marked bottle caps from Jameson's for salvation.

Still, I have started this blog as another outlet.

The other night for good reason I became an ordained minister for the sole purpose of officiating at my nephew's wedding because it looked like the person that was supposed to perform it backed out.

Within a day I got word that the problem was rectified and that was followed by a quick phone call to me saying that they have never seen my nephew get so motivated to get someone else to marry him as the fear and possibility that his Uncle Piccolo  would perform the ceremony.

So I am now presently a bona-fide ordained minister and  have no church to preach to. This is unacceptable because it puts me in the same category as Al Sharpton and that for sure ain't no good whatsoever.

I have taken the vows to support religious freedom and always do the right thing.

From time to time I will post a sermon here and I suppose if you care to you can join the church.

I have looked carefully into this and have found no conflicts with any of the major religions of the world and anyone is free to join this church and keep their present faith. In fact it is encouraged and I hope any of the preachings I may make in the future bring you closer to your faith no matter what it is.

The purpose of this blog is to try and bring us a little closer together and make the world a little nicer place to live.

 Any donations made to my church are not tax-deductible and furthermore will be listed on my tax forms as income and I will have to pay taxes on it to help support the moochers out there so save your money.

I suppose you can send me a jug if you want, though.

Yours in peace and war,

Father Piccolo.

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